A good friend more or less volunteered her house to be redone (or a couple of rooms at least) and retweaked to help me build up my portfolio after going solo and I couldn't have been more eager (and thankful) to help!  

She and her husband lived in a quiet suburb of Orange County and had a lovely home, but a couple of rooms were in need of updating (a dining space) or complete furnishing (a formal sitting room that had been used for random storage that we dubbed the "Piano Room" as it later found an identity as a sunlit music room of sorts for their upright piano, record player, and guitar). Well, as luck would have it, the happy couple also announced their pregnancy halfway into the project and we expanded scope to include a nursery and edits to their Master bedroom. Hence, I'm splitting this entry into two parts for the Public Spaces and the Private.


As mentioned, they had been living in their home for a couple of years and had all the furnishings they needed. For the most part, they kept key pieces (mostly in the private rooms, to be explained in a separate post), but were very open to updating their dining room furniture and buying new piano room pieces with our agreed criteria being: 1) ample seating in a relatively tight dining space (9'x11') for hosting family and friends, and 2) (this was what I stressed) simplify and optimize use of space in these small spaces to make them feel full but not crowded.

Definitely lots to work on. First some "before" pictures.