A quiet powerhouse, Alice Cheng brings thoughtfulness to every project. A keen understanding of her client’s needs and wants forms the foundation of her design approach. Grounded in a design integrity that bucks both transient trend and rigid genre, Alice creates combinations of shape, color, and materiality that complement each given space while respecting the architectural elements already in place. While she has a great affinity towards antiques and vintage objects with a history, she also seeks out newly minted pieces from burgeoning craftsmen abroad, whenever possible, requesting custom work to cater to the unique loves of her clients.

After managing multi-million dollar projects for a respected Hollywood designer, Alice founded her own Los Angeles-based practice. She is a “designer’s designer," valued and respected by fellow creatives and designers—many of whom comprise a significant part of SHIALICE’s client base.

Alice holds dual degrees from the esteemed University of Chicago, and gained additional training from the Southern California Institute of Architecture and UCLA's Interior Architecture program.

When not working on client homes, Alice can be found antiquing, refinishing vintage finds, and renovating and furnishing her own 890 square foot condo. #shialice_athome